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Our Current Theme Is “The Making of a Man”

Whether Bible times or present day, God is at work 24/7/365 conforming His men into the image of Christ. This year we will study the lives of 25 men of the Bible. For each man, we will explore: how God got his attention, what chisels God used to make him more like Christ, what aspects of God’s character were especially revealed to him, how his life story intersects with ours, how his life might point us towards Jesus and the Gospel

conformed them into the image of Christ

Romans 8:28-29

Times & Locations Of Ongoing Men's Forums

Monday, 6:45 - 7:44 am


Hudson's Smokehouse BBQ

For more information Contact:
  • Bob Hudson 750-3900
  • Rob Motley 260-3696
  • James Carter 530-5813
  • Tim Loonam 931-2770

Wednesday, 6:45 - 7:44 am

In Town

Columbia Periodontal Assoc.

For more information Contact:
  • Lee Ayers 798-0894
  • Ree Hart 237-2563
  • Bill Allen 629-6253
  • Tyler Priester 609-4645

Thursday, 6:45 - 7:44 am


McKenzie Periodontics

124 Alpine Cir.
(behind post office on Two Notch)
For more information Contact:
  • Brad Fleming 603-1524
  • Dickie Butler 479-8034
  • Don Sanders 238-9660
  • Ed Strom 553-2191

Friday, 6:45 - 7:44 am

Irmo/Dutch Fork

The Peanut Man Cafe

3905 Fernandina Rd, Columbia 29210
(Piney Grove exit behind Sportsman's Warehouse)
For more information Contact:
  • Chris Robnett 413-0899
  • David Abbott 917-1553
  • Ricky Ward 251-2045

Friday, 6:45 - 7:44 am


Harrell & Assoc. Law

For more information Contact:
  • David Andes 665-6751
  • Ed Harrington 530-7039
  • Paul McKeon 920-3111

Friday, 6:30 - 7:29 am


Near Lugoff-Elgin Middle School

For more information Contact:
  • Derek Gowdy 272-3729

David invited me to a Focused Living Men’s Forum which was an eye-opening experience because of their transparency and authenticity with each other. They were real dudes who told their life stories using everyday language I could identify with. It helped me to open up and be one of the guys. Over several months of relating with these guys, I actually prayed to receive Christ with yet another new friend, Perry, who challenged me to submit my life. I’ve been involved in the Forums and GRIP discipleship ever since!


Paul Cochrane took me to a FLM Men’s Forum to be around men who would encourage me on my spiritual journey and answer my many questions. I remember that it was after one of the Thursday morning Men's Forums that I put my faith in Jesus Christ and received His forgiveness. Perry was the first call I made to tell him of this good news as he had been praying for me. He was so excited to hear it. Since then my new church home, the Men's Forum and GRIP discipleship have helped me grow in my faith and walk me through my transition into marriage and fatherhood.


A few years ago I was invited to check out a Men’s Forum. As I applied the truths I learned each Wednesday morning and saw Christ in the other men I began “my own” relationship with God. My prayer life is stronger, my vision of God’s character has deepened my faith which got me through a very traumatic time in our lives. I learned that my understanding of God is way too small and I am not in control, but He is!

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