Join FLM on April 29th at Segra Park to celebrate how God has connected our lives for our good and His glory! (Click for registration link) This is not a baseball game event

What We Do

Wired Outreach


Topical Discussions

These gatherings allow men to ask questions related to a particular focus. They discover a biblical perspective on real-life subjects (i.e. adversity, stress, priorities, purpose, finances, etc.).

Connecting Events

Some Wired Outreach Events are designed around a common ground activity (for example, sports, movies, and auto repair) with some time allotted for a short message about every man’s deep need to get connected to God.

As we made our case for calling our marriage quits, Perry suddenly ran down to his garage and returned with hedge clippers! He took them apart giving each of us a blade. He explained that without the “bolt” we would continue to cut each other with the blades of our tongue and attitudes, but with Christ as the bolt in the center we could work together to cut our way through the jungle of life rather than cut one another to shreds. Then he asked, “Will you each repent of the hurt you have caused each other and ask Christ as Lord and Savior to be the bolt in the center of your lives and your marriage?” We looked at each other and cried out, “Yes!”, even though we had no idea the profound impact that “yes” would have on every area of life.

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