The Making of a Man #6 Moses

“Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one! You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart.” Deut 6:4-6

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In June 2007 Ben Carpenter (22) got the unexpected ride of his life! Stricken with muscular dystrophy at the age of 16, Ben was crossing the street in his wheelchair in front of a semi truck that had stopped at a traffic light. When the light turned green, the driver did not notice Ben in front of his truck so he started down the road with the handles of the wheelchair wedged in the truck's grill. Suddenly, Ben was zipping along at 40 mph! Dozens of panicked onlookers called 911 until the Michigan State Police finally pulled over the totally unaware truck driver with his terrified passenger. Ben later told reporters, “I don’t ever want be driven like that again!”

Moses could relate to being driven especially in his early years and drifting in his middle years until he finally allowed the Lord to direct his life in his later years! Which of the following seasons of Moses’ life best describes your present season? Why?

___________: 1-40 yrs were prideful years of trying in Pharaoh’s court trying to be somebody God could use (Ex 1:1-2:15). Running ahead of God being ‘pushed’ by pride.

___________: 40-80 yrs were humble years of training in the desert learning that without the Lord he was nobody (Ex 2:11-4:31). Daily living unaware of God.

___________: 80-120 yrs were productive years of trusting, under- standing that because of His grace God can use anybody! (Ex 5–Deut 34) Following God’s every call, command, concern and promise by faith.

Though possible to vacillate between these seasons, which best describes your present life situation? Why?

Because our goal is to learn how God chisels in our lives daily, we will highlight an example of chiseling in each of these three seasons of Moses’ life rather than a comprehensive study of his entire life.

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Years of Being Driven

(Ex 1:1-2:15; Acts 7: 20-22, 34) Into what environment and situation was Moses born? How did God use various chisels to shape Moses from his birth into the man He wanted though he was totally unaware of them? What were the unique factors and situation into which you were born that God used to chisel in your life? Have you stopped to thank Him though they may have been hard? For what purpose has God allowed you to live yet another day?

What aspects of His character did God teach Moses in those early years? What did you most learn about God during your early years and who did He use to teach you? What are you teaching your children (grands) about God through your life? Do they see Jesus in you?

(Ex 1:7, 11-12; Gen 12:1-3; 15:13-14)

(Ex 1:17-21; Prov 9:10; Is 66:1-2)

(Ex 2:1-10; Eph 1:4; Jer 1:5-9; Ps 139:13-18)

(2:11-25) Moses pridefully ran ahead of God (driven) to save people in his own strength instead of relying on God. Like us, he had to learn…

  • Hard times do not erase God’s promises (Gen 12:1-3; 15:13-14)

  • Harsh treatment does not escape God’s notice (Ex 3:6-7)

  • Heavy tests do not eclipse God’s concern (Ex 3:8-10)

Which of these biblical truths do you still need to learn so that you do not run ahead of God rather than relying on His plans and power? Why does God allow these hard times to come? (Ex 1:11-12; Deut 8:2-3)

(Ex 1:8-22; II Tim 3:10-17) Our culture is increasingly intolerant of God’s people who dare to take a stand to live out their faith. When have you experienced God’s faithfulness amidst intolerance? What motivated the midwives to trust God’s hand instead of Pharaoh’s command? Who was their ultimate audience? Describe your fear of the Lord? Is this true of you… “It’s not about what I sense/see, it’s about what God says!”


How specifically do you pridefully run ahead of God showing your real need for Jesus?

Years of Drifting

(Ex 2:16-4:31) At 40, Moses had a world class EGO (Edging God Out). His desire to free his people was admirable (Acts 7:22-28; Heb 11:24-26) but the results were murder and a cover up. Now at 80, in order to make Moses a humble leader, God needed to show him how absolutely ___________________ (humus: dirt/earth; dependent on earth to sustain life. Gen 2:7) he was on God for everything (I Peter 5:1-7)! So He stuck him in the wilderness (Ex 3:1; dabar: lit ‘mouth’ to speak) for 40 years to prepare his heart to listen when the Lord next spoke. What evidence is there in Exodus 3:1-9 that Moses was humbly learning to listen?

How is God showing you how absolutely dependent you are on Him for every aspect of your life?

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(3:10-4:17) What excuses would you make if at 80 years old God interrupted your comfortable lifestyle as a family man and shepherd who is making a decent living? Then, He asks you to leave it all by leading 2.5 million disorganized, unarmed brick making slaves 600 miles across a searing hot, rocky desert to invade an unfamiliar land with an insurmountable military might? He further informs you will have no trained leadership, built infrastructure or provisions and that you will have to trust Him for all the necessary food, water, resources and protection while following a cloud by day and a fire by night? And by the way, the greatest military power on earth at the time will try to wipe you out? And on top of that, the people will complain every day, rail against your leadership, refuse to listen and beg to return to slavery rather than trust God to give them freedom in their own country which He promised? What did God call Moses to do? What would you have done? Why?

An excuse (‘ex’ from + ‘causa’ cause) is to get away from a cause or call for which you are not interested in or committed to because the cost is too high. To God an excuse is rationalized disobedience.

I'M ______________________! (3:11-12) Fearful as I don’t have the ‘right stuff’ to succeed. "I will give you a sign” (brand skin/tattoo). I will be closer than skin. It’s not about what you do, it’s about Who you know. God will never ask you to do something you can do by yourself! He will always ask of you the impossible so you can do it together as Father and son. Where do you feel inadequate?

I'M _______________________! (3:13-16) I don’t have the answers, feel unprepared, fear the unknown and afraid of being rejected when they see my weakness! God's answer: "I Am Who I Am!" (To be, to be) Whatever you need for Me TO BE, I AM already that to you! You may not have all the answers, but you will have all of Me. What aspect of God’s character do you most need God to be to you today?

I'M ____________________! (4:1-9) I don’t have the resources. I’m a stinky, o’ Bedouin shepherd hiding in the desert to cover up my pride and murder. Staff (weakness): If God can turn a snake into a stick to perform 10 miracles and part the Red Sea, think what He could do through you! Leprous hand (sin): If God can heal your diseased hand, He can restore your dead heart. Water/blood (death). If God can change the chemical make up of the world’s longest river, He can change Pharaoh’s resistant heart. How big is your God? Where do you feel most inferior?

I'M ____________________! (4:10-15) Score: Moses 0, God 3. I’m stupid and won't have the words (Acts 7:22, I Cor 2:1-5; Jer 1:4-10). I will be with your mouth after you have been with Me. Simply tell others exactly what I have taught you (John 5:19-20; Mark 5:19-20).

Tag Team

(Read Psalm 90) As God chiseled Moses’ life, what attributes did God most want Moses to learn especially as Moses wrote this oldest of all Psalms in the bible? What characteristic do you most appreciate? Why? How does God use the drifting years of Moses’ life to show your need for Jesus?

Years of Being Directed

Now, at 80 God could finally start to use Moses to accomplish His purposes for His people for His glory. But He was not yet done chiseling. In the passages below, what aspects of God’s character did God constantly need to teach and remind Moses….and us?

(Ex 3:1-6; Lev 11:44-45; Numbers 20:11-12; Deut 5:12; 7:6) Why is it absolutely essential for God’s men to understand His _______________? How has the Lord been trying to teach you lately about His holiness? Why is understanding His holiness vital to life and understanding His grace? How do the 10 commandments of God’s non-negotiable Law both point and drive you back to Jesus for forgiveness, grace and mercy?

(Ex 19-20; Matt 5:17-20, 48; Gal 3:24-25)? Check out this Bible Project video to help clarify your understanding of God’s Law.

(Ex 6:1-8; 19:3-6; 23:22) We must remember that He is a ____________ keeping God. In what ‘God moment’ have you seen the Lord keep one of His promises to you, a family member or friend?

(Ex 12:1-28; 40-51; Num 9:2-4; Dt 16:1-6; Josh 5:10-11; Luke 22:13- 15; I Cor 11:23-29) We must never forget to keep the _______________ so that our hearts will constantly be drawn to His grace at the Cross!

(Ex 13:3, 9, 14, 16) Why was God constantly revealing His ___________ to Moses and His people? i.e. Ten plagues before Pharaoh (Ex 7-12); Pillar of fire/cloud (Ex 13:17-22); Victory over enemies (Ex 14:5-31). How have you been reminded lately of God’s awesome power?

(Ex 16:3-21; Deut 8:1-5; Phil 1:19) The Lord will faithfully _________________ for you everything that He asks/commands you to do. What are you really expressing when you say to God, “I got this”? Give an example of how God has provided for you to do what He has asked? Personal obedience. Marriage? Family? Financially? Serving? Evangelism?

(Ex 33:11-34:8; Gal 2:20) How/why did God reassure Moses and the people of His ____________________ even though they had rejected Him (Ex 32) by worshiping idols? How can you walk with the Lord today assured of His presence even if you don’t feel it or encounter adversity? How practically can you get a glimpse of His glory?

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Which of the previous key attributes (purity, promise, Passover, power, provide ,presence) is He now growing in your heart as He uses it to chisel and make you His man?

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