A Relational Ministry
Pointing Men to Christ

We are a non-profit ministry to men in Columbia, SC. The passion of our heart is to help men to begin a dynamic relationship with Christ, grow in Christ, and be vitally connected to a healthy local church so that they may serve Him. It is also our deep desire to help men develop ministries of outreach in their own sphere of influence.

How We Came to Be

In 1993, the Lord strongly impressed on the hearts of several businessmen to take the message of a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, along with life principles from God's word, to men in the marketplace. They prayed for a ministry that would present God's truths to men in a winsome, dynamic way and in a safe and gracious environment. They envisioned a ministry that would draw many men to Christ, help them to grow spiritually, and then direct them to become involved in bible-based churches. Knowing that Dr. Perry Bowers had a similar vision and passion, they invited him to become the founding president of FLM.