God has designed men to be connected or “wired” to Him as our power source for living. Wired events are one-shot gatherings in a Q&A format where men can ask questions and receive answers from God’s perspective in order to take the next step in their spiritual journey. The environment is safe and informative, designed for the man who might not know much about the Bible. The “cost” to participate is to bring a question and an open mind. Examples of wired events we facilitate on a regular basis are:

Magnificent Marriage

Couples learn about God’s divine design for marriage.


Men ask questions related to a particular focus (i.e. adversity, stress, priorities, purpose, finances, etc.)

Specialized Events

Some Wired Events are designed around a common ground activity with some time allotted for a short message about every man’s deep need to get connected to God. (i.e. sports, guns, movies, auto repair, etc.)