Follow Me Revisited 

The King has arrived! He calls us to repent, believe, follow…and hold on. A command, a summons, an invitation.  As sheep we were designed to be led.  And Jesus is the good shepherd who is offering to be the one who leads us. A Call to follow requires a response. 

How would you describe your level of following?

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Making all things new

“Jesus did not come to reform us but to regenerate us, not to improve us but to make us new.” – Daniel Akin  When you trust Christ, you are a new creation (2Cor 5:17). When we follow Christ, be prepared for new ways to live, new ways to look at people, new ways to serve, and new perspectives on life (Mk 2:12; Jn 1:17, 10:10; Rom 6:4; Eph 2:10; Heb 8:13).

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’  2:18-22

Jesus was correcting the disciples and Pharisees thinking about fasting. He was inviting his audience to picture His blessed presence on earth like a wedding feast. The new message he brings requires a fresh reception: one of faith and freedom and gladness, not one of fear and fasting and sadness. What wrong thinking did you have about following Jesus? Where does your thinking still need to be corrected? Have you been trying to add Jesus onto an old way of living?

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You’ve missed the point. 

The Pharisees had missed the point on God’s original intention for the sabbath. Sabbath is a near synonym for “Shalom” = a state of deep rest, peace, wholeness, flourishing. It was about restoring, replenishing, aligning and the Pharisees had made it a burden instead of a blessing. 

What was God’s original intent behind the sabbath? (Gen 2:2-3, Ex 20:8-11; 23:12; 31:12-18) 

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What had the Pharisees made it into? 

The Pharisees had come up with 39 categories of work forbidden on the Sabbath.  Under each of the 39 categories, there were 6 subdivisions under each one (234 particular works illegal on the Sabbath!) Their own litmus test. Man’s law vs. God’s law. They’ve introduced legalism which can never bring about righteousness (Rom 3:20-22) 

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Newness Illustrated 2:23-3:6

God made the sabbath what it was. (Mk 2:27-28)  
It’s not for man to lay down other principles related to it.

God highly values meeting human needs. (Mk 3:5; 10:45; 1Jn4:10) The morality of meeting a human need for David and his men superseded the ceremonial law about the bread.  And Jesus confirms.

Beware of hardness of heart (Mk 3:5-6) 
Notice the downward spiral of a heart committed to legalism and resistant to God’s way.

TAG Teams: What step can I take for myself and my family to better align my heart with God’s value of the sabbath?  What evidence is there that I am walking in newness of life?