GRIP: A Season of Discipleship

Making disciples of Jesus Christ is at the core of what we're about at Focused Living. That might look like helping a man get connected to Jesus Christ for the first time, or helping men go deeper in their relationship with Christ. For hungry men wanting to take next steps, we currently offer a set of discipleship tracks called GRIP.  When our heart is gripped by God’s hands, then our hands will do what’s on God’s heart!

Video Introduction To GRIP: A Season Of Discipleship

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GRIP has individual, one-on-one, small group, and large gathering components.    Each season emphasizes 3 core rhythms:

  1. Meeting with God - Regular unhurried time alone with God in His Word with a view toward love-motivated obedience
  2. Brother to Brother – Regularly  meet with at least one other brother for encouragement, challenge, and prayer
  3. Action Points - Identify and pursue personal growth action points

Enrollment opens Jul 15, 2019.  Enrollment closes Aug 14, 2019

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Additional Instructions

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The GRIP planning team L to R: David, Tim, Karl German, Perry, Sinclair


Key Relationships Explained
In Matthew 22:34-40 Jesus teaches that the two greatest commands are to love God and love others. The thumb pointing upward represents our vertical love relationship with the Father. Likewise, the other four fingers pointing sideways represent the primary relationships in which the Lord has called us to invest His love. (Note: if the family relationships of spouse or children don’t apply to you in this season of your life, then emphasize the close family-like relationships you do have.) The fingers on the HAND become a simple way to bring focus to our living and to align our hearts with what God really values. Discipleship, then, is helping each other live out the relationships God values in the power of the Holy Spirit. As you consider this Key Relationships HAND, what action points might God be impressing on you?


Key Resources Explained
While relationships are clearly primary on God’s heart, He has given us stewardship over other areas as well. Specifically, he wants us to manage our heart, our time, our health, our wealth, and our vocation. By God’s design, our good stewardship in these KEY RESOURCE areas will fuel our KEY RELATIONSHIPS. When one or more of these resource areas is not well managed, then that area(s) requires greater attention and our key relationships inevitably suffer. As you consider this Key Resources HAND, what action points might God be impressing on you?

How bad stewardship of resources can effect relationships
  • If I am giving in to the temptation of porn (HEART) then the authenticity of my relationship with God and my wife will suffer.
  • If I am serving my church in 4 different ministries (TIME/VOCATION) then my relationship with my kids may suffer.
  • If maintaining my material stuff (WEALTH) takes up my weekends, then I will probably miss opportunities to relate with my friends who are far from God.
  • If my diet and exercise habits are sloppy (HEALTH), then I will lack energy to apply to all of the relationship areas.
  • If my family is in debt and not living on a budget (WEALTH), then the stress level will go through the roof and hamper all my family relationships.
  • If I hate my job (VOCATION), then I have little emotional margin to disciple another man until I figure out my job satisfaction issue.

Current File Downloads

Come Hear Do - Luke 6
2 Plays - 1 Peter
GRIP Guide - Fall 2019
GRIP Intro - Fall 2019
GRIP Enrollment Form