How FLM Exists

The Lord has faithfully upheld this ministry since 1993 through the voluntary giving of individual donors.  All gifts are tax deductible.  Our financial state is posted on our website and on our app each month.  Donor’s names are not shared with the FLM staff.  We commit ourselves to joyfully living under God’s provision and are grateful for every donor’s partnership in the Gospel. 

More Donor Information

Funding Philosophy

Our conviction is that there is not just one way, or even just one biblical way, to fund non-profit Christian ministries. The philosophy of funding that God has called FLM to is somewhat unique. 
First, we are committed to providing a ministry where men, and the friends they invite, feel safe. They will never experience someone making an appeal for money. That is why we do not solicit funds through support letters, host fundraising events, or personally solicit money. We do, however, pray often, trusting that the Lord will graciously move the hearts of men who have been touched by this ministry. The Lord has faithfully upheld this ministry since 1993 through the giving of individual donors and we commit ourselves to joyfully live under God’s provision.
Second, the Ministry Associates have requested that they never know who gives nor how much or how often. They ask in order to keep their motives pure so they can invest time and effort into any of the men in the ministry and not just those whom they know give money. We have operated the ministry since its inception under this philosophy of minimal information on financial needs and no direct solicitation.

Giving Priorities

As a ministry, we hold the conviction that the local church is God's primary vehicle for ministry and advancement of His Kingdom. Therefore, we request that those considering donating will first tithe to the local church before making a love offering to Focused Living Ministries

Our Financial Picture

Presently, four men work full-time as Focused Living Ministry Associates:
          Perry Bowers (Founder)
          David Andes (Director)
          German Wright (Ministry Associate)
          Karl Reed (Ministry Associate)

These four are based in Columbia, SC and primarily serve the men and churches of Columbia, though they periodically minister nationally and internationally. We also have two part-time support staff.

Out of every dollar given approximately 81 cents goes to salaries and benefits while the other 19 cents goes toward ministry expenditures (mileage, meals, printing, office, books, travel, materials, technology, etc.). The ministry is entirely supported by the gifts of individuals and churches.  Each staff member draws a salary set by the Core Brothers (Board of Directors) and they give 100% of all honorariums from speaking to the ministry. We are a debt-free ministry paying all bills each month.

501 (C) (3) Tax Deductible

Focused Living Ministries is fully incorporated under the articles of both the state of South Carolina and the Federal Government making all Donations tax deductible.

Financial Accountability

For both our protection, as well as for the ministry, we have contracted with a CPA firm to prepare our yearly taxes as well as to audit and oversee our books.

Donate: How to Support Focused Living Ministries

Thank you for your interest in supporting our ministry. If you feel led to support FLM, there are 5 ways to give:

1) Donate on our app

Through the Focused Living WebApp you can make a one-time donation OR setup a recurring donation linked to your credit/debit card. 

2) Donate on our website

Through the Focused Living website, you can make a one-time donation OR setup a recurring donation linked to your credit/debit card.

3) Your Bank's Online Banking Service

Perhaps you already use online banking to pay your monthly bills. If you want to support FLM with a  one-time or recurring gift, simply set up FLM in your system as a payee and schedule your regular gift. (Contact your bank for more details.)

4) Mail a Donation

Some donors prefer to send their monthly support or one-time gift by check via the mail. Make the check out to “Focused Living” and mail to:

                            Focused Living Ministries
                            124 East Selwood Lane
                            Columbia, SC 29212
                           (Attn: Rob Buck, Treasurer)


For those who shop online via, you can support Focused Living every time you shop! Instead of launching in your browser, launch This will allow you to designate a charity, which will then receive .5% of the purchase price. Focused Living is an approved charity. (i.e. a $10 purchase donates $.05 to Focused Living.)

If you have any further questions about Focused Living finances or donations, please contact

Rob Buck, Treasurer
(803) 917-1455 : :


Finances through Nov. 2019:
Our YTD Shortfall Revenues to Expenses is 12% ($31K).

Thank you to all our donors for your partnership with us in the Gospel! We joyfully live within the means God is providing and seek His wisdom for stewarding these provisions.