25th Anniversary Celebration Recap 

This one year experiment called "Focused Living", started in 1993, is still being used by God to impact men and their families 25 years later! On April 14,  230 friends gathered at the Columbia Convention Center to testify to God's work in our lives and to celebrate 25 years.


Brad Fleming

Since 1996 when my friend, Chris Robnett, first invited me to the Thursday morning Men's Forum I have been helped to navi-gate the waters of life through job realignments and the birth of a daughter. Even though I looked good on the outside and involved in many spiritual activities, Perry was bold enough to ask me about my relationship with Christ. He helped me to understand that although I knew about God, I did not know God! It was at that point, I made my profession of faith in the parking lot after having breakfast with Perry. Through Men's Forums, SALT and GRIP, I have learned how to follow Christ everyday of the week, using HIS teachings and example to truly live with a multi-generational mindset....not just exist. I have no doubt that God used the discipleship, encouragement and mentoring I received from both Spring Valley Baptist and Focused Living to prepare me for my current ministry position at Feeding Children Everywhere.

Mike Castelluzzi

A few years ago, Jim Cates invited me to a Men’s Forum. Although I accepted Jesus Christ in 1975, I was totally igno-rant of how to live for and grow as a Christ follower because I was a Christian in name only…. being a cultural Christian. It is amazing how powerfully God has and still is working in my life. Only a few years ago, I never even mentioned God in any of my conversations fearful of being embarrassed if I did not have the right answers for my friends. But today my friend, German Wright, helps mentor me. It is one of my greatest joys to stand in front of 40 - 50 men at the Providence Home twice a month and talk about the greatness of my Lord Jesus Christ in order to help them understand His love and purpose for their lives.

Jim Reagan

In 2012 Bruce Pharis began repeatedly inviting me to the Focused Living Men’s Friday forum. I finally caved in the fall of 2012. God used these men and His Word to soften my heart towards Him. Two years later on December 12, 2014 God blessed me with Lainey, the love of my life and new wife. She knew that the men in my Focused Living Forum were witnessing to me and that God was using them to help me come to Christ. 17 weeks after our wedding day she woke up and realized that God wanted HER to bring me to Christ, not the men! So she began to read the plan of Salvation from the Bible and explained that if I wanted to receive the Lord into my life I needed to repent of my sins, ask His forgiveness and thank Him for His grace. April 11, 2015 was the beginning of my new life with my Lord! I consider this to be the greatest blessing of my life. To God alone be all the glory. What a beautiful beginning to our love story!

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