Prayer Letter

October - November 2019

Three avid runners were interviewed after a week of hard, daily 5 mile runs while training for a race. The first said that he runs so that he does not get a heart attack like his father and so that he can be alive to retire. The second replies that he runs so that he can eat whatever he likes, sleep well each night and not gain weight. The third explains that he feels most alive when his legs glide over the ground, his heart beats like thunder in his chest and the wind blows upon his face. The first man is motivated by the fear of what will happen if he stops running. The second runs for the reward of what he can get out of it for his own needs. The last runs because he actually loves it! Many of God’s men run their race in life out of fear or reward but not in response to the Father’s gracious love in Christ. What motivates you to run the race of life to which God has called you? Do you run out of fear for His judgment? Do you run for His blessings or benefits to you? Or do you run simply because you are consumed by His love? Only men motivated by the love of God in Christ and overwhelmed by His grace will finish well their race this year and in life. It might be wise to stop and take a pulse to determine the current motivation of your heart. (Adapted from an idea by Dan Dorinani)
“Run with endurance the race that is set before you fixing your eyes on Jesus…”
-Heb 12:1-2
“The love of Christ controls (compels) us.”
-2 Cor 5:14
“I love You, O Lord, my strength.”
-Psalm 18:1
"...the life I now live I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”
-Gal 2:20
“The soul that loves God seeks no other reward than God whom it loves.”
-Bernard of Clairvaux

Ministry Prayer Requests:

We are well into our new theme for the year which is “The Making of a Man.”  Each man received a chisel as a reminder that God’s 24/7/365 purpose is to “conform us into the image of His Son” (Rom 8:29). Pray that men would embrace God’s process of making them more like Christ, submitting to God’s various chisels like His Word, adversity, circumstances, decisions, marriage, family, finances, fellowship with others, etc… 


We have 90 men from 33 churches involved our fall season of GRIP Discipleship.  Pray for authentic and transparent relationships between GRIP partners, laser-like focus on 3 Key Action Points, and that the Father would daily grip each man’s heart.


YTD through August 2019 our shortfall revenue to expenses is -18%  ($-32K).  We look to God for his provision as we approach year-end and we praise Him for our donors’ partnership with us in the Gospel! 


3 Wired events being planned before yearend: 1 Father Forum, 1 Stress Forum, and 1 other. 

Our Core (Board) sent out a letter to all the men in the forums indicating Perry’s desire to work full-time with FLM until he is 70 (~3 years) and then listen for God’s call to ministry in his 70’s.
(Click here to read letter) 
Pray for all the men associated ith Focused Living in their 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to Finish Well! 



German speaking at Next Level Christian Center in Greenwood 


Tim Hanley open air preaching at Williams Brice stadium: (USC vs Florida); (USC vs Vandy); (USC vs Clemson)  


Ministry partner, Tim Hanley, preaches in Chapin  


David preaches at Crossroads Church (Isaiah 7:10-17) 


Ministry partner, Sinclair Salters, emceeing a Worship “Night of Refreshment” for pastors

Personal Praises and Requests

Perry Bowers Family Prayer

Perry –  Pray for wisdom and endurance as the Lord seems to have put me in a variety of men’s lives who are going through great adversity here in the city. Also, pray for my Brother, Kenny, as he walks his beautiful bride, Rachel, across the finish line of life as she battles cancer and is now in hospice. Kenny’s first wife passed away due to cancer.


Janet –  continued focus on prayer with thanksgiving & praise each & every day! Remain healthy with stamina & energy to assist Hunsakers with their move to GA. Wisdom & energy to love those God calls me to love.


Joy & Eddie 

  • Parenting “tweens”
  • Joy’s new job as Special Ed Aide at the middle school...stamina & witness
  • Participation in new church plant

Megan & Marc – Pray as we move to GA later this month.  Marc becomes Dean of Personal & Professional Development at Berry College in Rome GA. We are grateful and excited about this new adventure which includes being closer to family. Prayers for safe travels and all details to come together for a cross country move. 


David Andes Family Prayer

David  –  My mom who has been in a memory care facility has been moved to a skilled nursing hospice.  Late-stage Alzheimer’s with other physical ailments.  Praying for peace from above for her.  For me, I covet prayers for balancing life’s demands (personal and work) while wholly and practically depending on Jesus. 

Katherine - 
Thankful for a smooth start to another school year. Several students have many other needs besides academic learning… pray that I will lean on the Holy Spirit to love them with His love.  Pray that I will balance wife and mom roles and love the men in my life with Jesus’ love.

Austin(21) – Join us in praising God for Austin’s post high school set of tracksīŠ.  He is involved in two community Day Programs and has a job he loves at the local Rec Center cleaning aerobic equipment.  Starting in Dec, he will be performing a monthly concert (singing) at a local nursing home.  We’re thankful for the dependable team of Christian people meeting his transportation and mentoring needs! 

Cameron(16) –  Praise for a good start to his important junior year in High school.  Pray for his time management as he balances studies, orchestra, social life and college search.  Join us in praying for an adult mentor who can make a connection with Cameron. 

German Wright Family Prayer

German - Praise that we are experiencing some growth and changes in ministry!  Also pray fo a successful medical procedure for my eyes on Oct 22. 

Sandra -  Praise that our two new employees are transitioning very well. A third vacancy position will be ready for interviews next week! Also please pray for greater strength to press through obstacles hindering greater order “house, household, and temple”. Also prayers for my brother-in- law and a job circumstance.

Karl Reed Family Prayer

Karl & Jessica - Please cover us in prayer as we navigate the death of Karl's grandad and father on back to back days in the second week of October. Pray for wisdom for us as we parent. Pray for continued moments of intimate spiritual and emotional connection as those are hard to come by with the hustle and bustle of family life.

Kids -  Evelyn and Anthony are doing great in school. They clearly get their smarts from Jessica because they really are rock stars at school. Pray for their continued protection from the lies of our enemy and the madness of our culture. 

Lillian did not get accepted into the 4K program but she’s doing great being at home. Please pray for Jessica as she has her hands full with Lillian, Charlotte, and Jackson during the day.

We are in the throes of sleep training with Jackson, so please pray that he will adapt to better sleep habits.