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Monday November 8 -- 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Regal Columbiana Grande
1250 Bower Parkway
Columbia, SC 29212

“Men aren’t looking for friends; they are looking for fathers!” Perry Bowers

“I suspect each man who sees this film will closely identify with one or more of the life-stories told. I found it inspiring and motivating.” David Andes

A timely and meaningful film exploring the powerful impact of fatherhood. 

  • How God relates to us as Father.

  • How committed God is to helping us finish well as men and as fathers.

  • How His grace overcomes the weaknesses of our dads as well as our failures as fathers.

  • How our role as fathers can set life-long trajectories in our kids, for good or bad.

  • How we, as men, can be that father to those who need a father.

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